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DataXS  RE & Title Data

Data Solution Delivery
DataXS provides Real Estate & Title Related Data, serving Origination, Servicing, Default Servicing, Loan Sales & Acquisition, Loss Mitigation, Foreclosure Prevention, Workflow Processing, and more.

ValueXS  Property Tax

Property Tax Delivery
ValueXS provides solutional delivery of property tax data, tax certifications, tax reassessments & tax analytics. Search, Monitoring, Life-of-Loan, Penalty Fee Resolution & more.

C-REAL  Valuations

C-REAL Value
C | REAL is designed to provide accurate and timely estimates of the expected selling price for a residential property along with an estimate of the time required to sell the property...The Price / Time Continuum.

LogicXS  Analytics

Resolute Analytics
LogicXS provides our full suite of anlaytics, combined with our data solutions, due diligence, and default services to seamlessly integrate with the functional, analytical and specialized elements of a client portfolio.

Data Products  & Analytics

Combining Data & Analytics
TCG designs and provides integration and automation to all of our data & analytical solutions, for residential, commerical and multifamily assets. Customizable solutions available as well.

Origination, Servicing  & Workflow

The Power of Information
Utilizing our proprietary platform, we can drill down into all aspects of your portfolio, access and collect data, analyze and report back with timely and relevant information and insight.

Default Management  & Solutions

Specialized Asset Solutions
Our full suite of default services and solutions seamlessly integrates the functional, analytical and specialized elements of the default cycle while maximizing the value of the assets.

Welcome to The Cadent Group.
Resolute Data & Analytical Solutions

TCG is a premier provider of customized business intelligence solutions of data and analytical information. We incorporate title, property tax, valuation and analytics with research, marketing and technology tools to your unique set of challenges and principles. Integrating our resolute tools into your current applications can provide dynamic work flow, cost containment, branded customer loyalty, and business enterprise growth.


Services Overview
We are Resolute

Adopt your REO / NPV analytical models

Build in your desired business rules and processes

Deliver a turnkey solution to your enterprise

Provide your ideal operating workflows

Products such as Title, AVM and BPO are already built in and part of the workflow

Simple cloud based platform allows for easy integration

Start saving in days rather than weeks or months

Nationwide Service


TCG XS Technology



Company | Industry News

November 2012

ValueXS Solution Delivery Expands to Property Tax Deed & Lien Asset Management. see our ValueXS product menu.

September 2012

ValueXS Solution Delivery Expands to Telecommunications Industry. see our ValueXS product menu.

July 2012

ValueXS Solution Delivery Expanded to Certifications, Reassessments & Analytics. see our ValueXS product menu.

May 2012

Title Data O&E now includes Loan Audit Data. see our DataXS product menu.

March 2012

Narenda Gidwani joins The Cadent Group,LLC as member.

Data, Analysis & Business Intel Solutions
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If you are involved in any type of Real Estate transaction, we would like to be working for you! 

Partial list of offerings:

Title Data

Property Tax Data, Certifications & Reassessments


Fraud Monitoring

Workflow Processing

Loan Sales & Acquistion

Loss Mitigation

Foreclosure Prevention


Partial list of clients:

Lenders | Servicers

Federal, State & Local Government


Legal Professionals

Hedge Funds / Investors

Real Estate Professionals

Financial Advisors